Wednesdays, 5–7pm

Thursdays, 5–7pm

Class overview

Age:  Typically girls in Grades 4–7

Musical Gathering:  Students will participate in a musical activity involving dance or movement.  The musical gathering will reinforce concepts of rhythm, beat, and form.

Warm-ups:  Students will perform a variety of vocal exercises designed to maximize vocal agility, range, pure tone, and vowel unification.

Sight-singing and Ear Training:  Students will learn solfege to facilitate their individual and collective ability to read music.  Curwen hand signs will provide visual and kinesthetic feedback as students learn scales and intervals.  Students will sing a variety of exercises designed to strengthen their aural skills and prepare them for upper level choirs.

Music:  Students will learn a variety of age appropriate music, including: unison, two-part, and three-part songs.  The repertoire will represent many styles, languages, and cultures.  The repertoire will synthesize musical skills learned in class.