Donate to iSing

Like all arts organizations in our area and nationwide, iSing relies on charitable donations to fund fully the breadth and depth of our work each year.

As we launch our fourth season, we hope you will consider a gift to iGive, our annual campaign. This year iGive will provide even more enrichment for girls in Silicon Valley. Here is a snapshot of what is to come this year:

  • Artistic collaborations with the all-female Amaranth Quartet from San Francisco; a master class and concert with Ragnar Bohlin, conductor of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus; and a commissioned piece for “electronics and choir” by avant-garde composer Daniel Wohl. Musical role models matter. Singing onstage with exquisite performers engages girls at a heightened level. Learning and performing challenging contemporary music opens young ears to what is possible. Guest artists and commissions are crucial ways that each girl can develop and expand artistically.

  • Building confidence through public performance and enabling the girls to achieve excellence together as a team are also central to our mission. This is a continuum that begins when a new Melodics singer gazes out at an audience of 700 for the first time, and hears her choir’s collective voices resonating through the rafters of Mission Santa Clara. It evolves into new and greater challenges – like this year’s first-ever choral competition at the California Music Educator’s Association, where Harmonics will showcase their talents for a panel of judges. And it culminates when girls reach Polyphonics with high-level performances like this coming week’s joint concert at Stanford’s Memorial Church with the St. Lawrence String Quartet.

  • Enhanced musicianship through expanded sight-singing and a carefully chosen music theory curriculum. Girls from Harmonics through Polyphonics will devote time to these subjects each week. Our goal is for each girl to understand music both aurally and intellectually. Our classes will also be enriched by the addition of a second rehearsal accompanist and a second classically trained intern. Having gifted musicians in rehearsals assisting the conductors will mean more individual attention and coaching for our singers.

  • Joy in music-making always balances out the hard work at iSing. This year iSing families can look forward to what we hope are some of your favorite annual events—family folk dance night, caroling, choir parties, and informal community concerts. These events bond our singers and form lasting musical memories.

  • Scholarships are a core tenet of iSing so that we never have to turn away a talented and dedicated girl because of financial need.

Finally, we want to let you know that—through iGive this year—you will be sharing the iSing experience with girls who have the least access to high-quality musical enrichment. Our outreach program iSing@School will add a second after school choir at Roosevelt Elementary School in Redwood City, a Title I school where 74% of students are from low-income households. This year, 40 girls in 2nd through 5th grade will experience the magic of singing, sight-reading, dancing, and playing xylophones with Shane and Laura on Monday afternoons – all tuition-free.

We hope you will consider supporting iGive this year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Donate to iSing