Tuesdays, 4–5pm

Tuesdays, 5–6pm

Wednesdays, 4–5pm

Class Overview

Age:  Typically girls in Grades 2–4

Musical Gathering:  Students will participate in a musical activity involving dance or movement.  The musical gathering will reinforce concepts of rhythm, beat, and form.

Welcoming Song:  Students will sing a welcoming song. The welcoming song will promote community among students, strengthen individual and collective pitch matching capabilities, and encourage musical independence.

Music Games and Activities:  Students will participate in a variety of games and activities.  Musical play will be a central component of every class.

Building Community:  Students will establish a safe classroom community so that they may explore their talent in a supportive and creative environment.

General Music Education and Ear Training:  Students will learn musical terms, rhythmic dictation, solfege, sight-singing, and the use of Curwen hand signs.

Repertoire:  Students will learn a variety of age appropriate songs in preparation for upcoming concerts.  The repertoire will synthesize musical skills learned in class.