Prephonics, Thursdays 5–7pm

Polyphonics, Thursdays, 6:30–8:30pm

Class Overview

Polyphonics presents more complex and challenging music.  Polyphonics singers develop their ability to sing as an ensemble member and soloist.  They are musical leaders of the organization and often mentor younger singers in the iSing Girlchoir.  

 Warm-ups:  Students will perform a variety of vocal exercises designed to maximize vocal agility, range, pure tone, and vowel unification.

Sight-singing and Ear Training:  Students will engage in sight-reading exercises each week.  Students will use solfege to enhance their music literacy skills.  Students will be sent home with study materials so that they can learn the most fundamental skill of superb musicianship:  PRACTICE.

Repertoire:  Students will sing a broad selection of repertoire. Throughout the learning process, students will discover personal and cultural connections to music.  The ability to individually and collectively perfect a piece of music takes time, stamina, and focus.  These invaluable life skills will be used to maximize the artistry and beauty within every piece of music.