The Details

When do the choruses rehearse? 

All Choirs will begin rehearsal the week of August 21, 2017 and continue through May 2018. All choirs meet one time per week. We offer several class times for Minis, Melodics and Harmonics.



What is the weekly commitment?

We hope that our iSing girls are involved in many exciting extracurricular activities.  We do ask that you prioritize iSing's weekly rehearsals.  We send home practice information and ask students to practice their songs at home.  

How often do students perform?

All singers perform in two large concerts:  iSing's Holiday and Spring Concert.  Polyphonics and HD perform frequently throughout the year.

How do I join?

Interested singers should sign up for an audition using the audition link, provided here. 

How much does it cost? 

Minis $900/year

Melodics $1100/year

Harmonics $1300/year

Prephonics $1300/year (plus required enrollment in at least one session of group voice)

Polyphonics $1500/year

HD $500/year (in addition to Polyphonics tuition)

Additional Expenses

Registration & Materials $20–$50 (depending on choir)

iSing t-shirt $20 (optional)

Concert Tickets $25–50/concert (available throughout the year)

Concert Uniform $75–100, purchased via Land’s End (see page 13)

Replacement Music $50/missing binder (if lost)

Annual Retreat for Harm. $180 (required for all Harmonics singers)

Tour TBD

iSing offers a 10% sibling discount.

iSing offers scholarships to interested singers who are unable to afford tuition.  Please contact us for additional information.