iSing Retreat 2019: it’s about singing and a whole lot more

Retreat is one of the most beloved of iSing’s annual traditions. For just one weekend each year, girls in Harmonics and Polyphonics choruses step away from daily routines and familiar surroundings — and toward total immersion in iSing. The time at Mt. Hermon Retreat is divided between getting a great head start on music for the year and participating in all kinds of other fun activities: swimming, crafts, an evening campfire sing-along with s’mores for the whole crowd, sleeping overnight in parent-supervised cabins for 8, with the chance to bond with returning and new musical friends, and much more.


In a way, Retreat is a microcosm of all that iSing offers to — and nurtures in — our girls and our musical community. As Harmonics volunteer parent chaperone Holli Cho wrote: 

Over a period of 36 hours, I was not only privileged to listen to some amazing singing and some gleeful giggling, but I witnessed incredible kindness in how the girls in my cabin showed concern for one another when a friend wasn't feeling well, and how they helped one another clean, pack and stuff sleeping bags; leadership in how they offered up ideas for their cabin cheer; patience as they waited for one another as we had to travel as a group from place to place; and bravery as they embarked upon new experiences like the first time being away from home for some, and as they made new friendships.

 It was an honor to be their chaperone and I hope that they all have a wonderful year!

Jennah Delp